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  • Ophthalmic Slit Knife
  • Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Ophthalmic Slit Knife

BHKY® Ophthalmic Knifes -Ophthalmic Slit Knife

  • Sharper: Unique grinding technique, 3D curved blade,

  • Thinner: 0.15mm thickness

  • Safer: Anti-glare design, single-use

  • High-quality: Imported high-strength stainless steel

Specification of Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Product NameOphthalmic Slit Knife
MaterialStainless&ABS Plastic
In StockYes
Production Capacity1000pcs/week
Support Customized ServicesLogo/Outer Packaging/Pattern
ModelBend AngleEdge WidthBlade Thickness
CC-L-222slit angled 45°1.0mm0.15mm
CC-L-223slit angled 45°1.1mm0.15mm
CC-L-224slit angled 45°1.2mm0.15mm
CC-L-225slit angled 45°1.3mm0.15mm
CC-L-226slit angled 45°1.4mm0.15mm
CC-L-227slit angled 45°1.5mm0.15mm
CC-L-228slit angled 45°3.0mm0.15mm
CC-L-229slit angled 45°1.6mm0.15mm
CC-L-230slit angled 45°1.7mm0.15mm
CC-L-231slit angled 45°1.8mm0.15mm
CC-L-232slit angled 45°1.9mm0.15mm
CC-L-233slit angled 45°2.0mm0.15mm
CC-L-234slit angled 45°2.1mm0.15mm
CC-L-235slit angled 45°2.2mm0.15mm
CC-L-236slit angled 45°2.3mm0.15mm
CC-L-237slit angled 45°2.4mm0.15mm
CC-L-238slit angled 45°2.5mm0.15mm
CC-L-239slit angled 45°2.65mm0.15mm
CC-L-240slit angled 45°2.75mm0.15mm
CC-L-241slit angled 45°2.8mm0.15mm
CC-L-242slit angled 45°2.85mm0.15mm
CC-L-243slit angled 45°3.2mm0.15mm
CC-L-244slit angled 45°3.5mm0.15mm

Details of Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Quick Details of Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Place of Origin: Beijing, China

Brand Name: BHKY

Model Number: CC-L-222~CC-L-244

Power Source: Manual

After-sale Service: Online technical support

Material: Stainless&ABS Plastic

Shelf Life: 2 years

Quality Certification: CE

Instrument classification: Class II

Safety standard: None

Product Name: Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Colour: Green thickness 0.15mm

Type: Single-Use

Sterilize: Yes

Hscode: 9018500000

Supply Ability of Ophthalmic Slit Knife

1000 Piece/Pieces per Week

Packaging & Delivery of Ophthalmic Slit Knife

Packaging Details: 6pcs/box, 100box/ctn

Port: Beijing

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