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Ophthalmology, the full name of ophthalmology, is the study of diseases that occur in the visual system, including the eyeball and its associated tissues. Ophthalmology studies vitreous and retinal diseases, optometry, glaucoma and optic neuropathy, cataract and other ophthalmic diseases. BHKY Comknife®ophthalmic knifes with full specifications solves the difficulty of the operation and achieves the effect of good sealing. The best assistant for cataract surgery.

Different Ophthalmic Tools

Ophthalmology Surgery Procedures

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    During surgery, a hyperemulsion probe is inserted through a small incision in the cornea or sclera to break the cloudy lens and cortex into chylous shape. 

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    After that, the chylous material is sucked out with the help of a suction perfusion system, while keeping the anterior chamber filled. The intraocular lens is implanted to restore the patient's sight.


Ophthalmic Surgical Tools FAQs

  • Is this ophthalmic equipment knife reuseable?

    No. Sterile and autoclavable but disposable.

  • What's the benefit of using our ophthalmic instrument?

     Less damage to the cornea and good sealing effect

  • What's the packing of our ophthalmic device?

    Individually packed with a high quality ABS plastic holder in every peel pauch, white box or color box.

  • Can I have free ophthalmic knife samples?

    Maximum quantity is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.

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