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Microneurosurgery is the operation centered on intracranial lesions, which is based on the diagnosis of modern imaging and guaranteed by neurosurgery surgical instruments set matched with microsurgery. Under the microscope, the field of vision is small, and the surgeon needs to go through strict and orderly training before entering the clinical operation. As one of the most professional neurosurgery madical device companies, BHKY Comknife® neurosurgery surgical tools solve the difficulty of the operation and achieve the effect of fine dissection and separation of brain tissue. The best assistant for precision cutting surgery.

Neurosurgery Instruments Catalogue

Neurosurgery Procedures

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    Open a small slit in the dura mater with the neurosurgeon tools and equipment, insert the blunt guard and adjust the angle of the blade so that the tip touches the dura mater at a right angle.

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    Pinch one end of the dura mater with a pincette, add tension and cut the dura mater with the neuro micro instruments while pushing it. (If there is resistance, readjust the angle of the blade.)


Neurosurgery Instruments And Uses

Our neurosurgery micro-instruments are used in neurosurgery, including:

  • Routine surgery

  • Meningotomy etc.

  • Cutting blood vessels, etc.

  • Sharp separation of tumor (meningioma, etc.) tissue, etc.

  • Microvascular decompression: such as trigeminal nerve, lingual nerve, etc.

Neurosurgeon Tools and Equipment FAQs

  • Does microneurosurgery blade & handle run on electricity?

    No. Our neurosurgery surgical tools work without electricity.

  • What's the difference of your products from the conventional instruments used in neurosurgery?

    As one of the neurosurgery equipment companies, BHKY provides neurosurgery micro-instruments that are smaller, sharper, and preciser.

  • What's the benefits of using neurosurgery surgical tools?

    Surgeons can have more and better choices of basic neurosurgery instruments in precision cutting surgery. 

  • Can I have free micro neurosurgery surgical tools samples?

    The maximum quantity of instruments used in neurosurgery samples is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.

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