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Hand and foot surgery is a branch of microsurgery, mainly to carry out a variety of complex hand and foot trauma, hand and foot damage treatment. As one of the foot surgery supplies, BHKY Comknife® hand and foot scalpel blades solve the difficulty of the operation and achieve the effect of fine dissection and separation of tissues. The foot and hand surgery set is the best assistant for precision cutting surgery.

Different Hand & Foot Scalpel Blades

Foot & Hand Surgery Procedures

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    Treatment of congenital malformations usually begins with non-surgical methods. Surgery for congenital malformations is usually performed in the first year of life to allow growth and development to be unaffected. 

  • Surgery Procedures Of Using Microsurgical Instruments

    The type of surgery depends on the location and severity of the deformity, but usually minimally invasive techniques can be used.


Foot & Hand Surgery Set FAQs

  • Does foot scalpel blades run on electricity?

    No. Like other micro surgery instruments, our hand and foot scalpel blades are non-electric surgical instruments.

  • What's the advantages of BHKY hand surgery set compared to conventional scalpels?

    Smaller, sharper and preciser.

  • What's the sutiable indications or procedures in hand&foot orthopaedic surgery?

    Tendon adhesions, Replantation of severed finger, Soft Tissue Release

  • Can I have free foot scalpel blades samples?

    The maximum quantity of our foot scalpel blades samples is 2pcs. Please contact us for samples.

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