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Ophthalmic Scalpel is an Essential Tool in Ophthalmic Microsurgery

The quality of the ophthalmic scalpel plays a key role in the postoperative outcome of ophthalmic surgery, as the sharpness of the scalpel and the size of the incision affect the degree of operative-induced astigmatism. However, there are many problems with such surgical instruments on the market now, such as single design category, rough craftsmanship and low quality. It brings a lot of inconvenience to the use of doctors. Moreover, the current tweezers and scissors are all made of stainless steel processed by CNC. The production process is inefficient and the cost is high. It is a big dilemma for the cost of production and patients' medical treatment.

1. The ophthalmic scalpel design redefines the concept of this instrument

The product achieved several innovation milestones. The traditional tweezers and surgical scissors handle parts are replaced by plastic injection molding process instead of traditional stainless steel CNC machining. After this innovative shift, the high processing cost of the product has been revolutionaryly reduced. At the same time, the affinity of the handle part is designed to be stronger, which greatly improves the comfort of the doctor during the operation, which has a positive impact on the success rate of the operation.

In the past, there have been countless cases of virus cross-infection caused by the unreasonable use of surgical instruments in some institutions, which is distressing. To this end, after full discussion and continuous experimentation, the design team added an active mandatory scrapping function to the scalpel. After the doctor pushes the button to the scrapped state after the operation, the scalpel is permanently scrapped, which can avoid problems such as personal safety caused by subsequent unreasonable use.

In recent years, the proliferation of plastic products has brought great pollution and damage to the living environment of human beings. Even in some authoritative surveys, it was found that the human body has been invaded by plastic particles, posing a great threat to human society and human existence. Therefore, after careful consideration, the plastic parts of these disposable ophthalmic scalpels are all made of environmentally friendly degradable plastics. The ophthalmic scalpel can decompose itself after a period of time after use, and will not cause pollution and damage to the social environment. The knife head part is made of imported stainless steel, which has better material mechanical properties than ordinary stainless steel.

2. The overall design of the ophthalmic scalpel has a strong affinity

The ophthalmic scalpel has a sleek and aesthetically pleasing body design, a product that integrates aesthetics, materials science, socioeconomics and ergonomics into medicine. The designer carefully fine-tunes the proportion and trend of each curve in the design process. The curve adopts some prototype curves in mathematics as much as possible. The comfort and beauty brought by these prototype curves in mathematics to the depths of human nature are difficult to achieve by artificial curves. Designers have their own unique aesthetic perception, which is a relatively contradictory place for each designer, and that aesthetic perception should be expressed in the design process. But in the end, the show is really designed for the society and for the user. For this reason, the public's perception of beauty will also be studied, and this perception will be integrated into the product after beautification, so that the talent displayed to the outside world is a perfect visual experience. Good design can change society, and good products can greatly improve our lives. The ophthalmic scalpel is a truly new and revolutionary design product, which has also won unanimous praise and recognition from all walks of life.